Colour of the season: Coral

Colour of the season: Coral

There is always a particular colour to dominate a season and this summer it is Coral.

Slightly differing shades, between orange and pink, marl and textured. It is such a pretty colour and flattering for most women. We love the simplicity of the Vetono width dress, just add a necklace and it will take you anywhere, for most of the year.

Vetono Width Dress Hellrot

Sahara longer jacket is a marl of pink and orange to create this pretty coral shade. The Grizas silk and linen textured dress is fabulous. Crinkled to avoid wrinkles! Beautiful to pack, easy to care for. Gorgeous Grizas linen jacket is just stunning. The colour makes it a bright and cheerful addition to the summer collection. Ichi prints really shout in the shop.

Sahara Cross Dye Linen Shirt StrawberryGrizas Crinkle Silk 9174 Linen Dress Teal Grizas Boxy Linen 71170 Jacket Graphite 

Coral is also amongst the floral prints, along with the coordinating Kate jacket, also available in soft blue. Coral is such an uplifting, flattering colour for the summer, we love it.

Ichi Sanura Dress Multi Flower Foil Oh Tuck Dress Borderline


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