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Winter Lunches

Here at Katie Kerr we are always bringing in our home-made lunches and sharing recipes. So we thought we would tell you about a few of our favourites. We have a little kitchen at the back of the shoe shop and it's always busy. When we are not selling our shoes, accessories and clothes here at Katie Kerr it's not long before we're talking about food and drink. Scandi sandwiches seen in our lunchboxes Rye bread with homemade cashew cheese, beef tomatoes or Ryvita, cream cheese, horseradish and smoked salmon Freshly made soup from our local cafe – we rely on Tea and Tipple takeaways, for when it's cold and dreary outside. Go to staff lunchbox favourites:- NICK - Tricolore salad, avocado, mozzarella and tomato with salad leaves and balsamic dressing NERI - Ham, lentil and barley broth MARJORIE - Butternut squash soup ALICE - nice leftovers, anything really (possibly still lives at home) KATIE – Avocado on oatcakes DERYN -Roquefort, walnuts, salad leaves, beetroot, tahini and cider vinegar dressing, sesame seeds, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion There's always things in the fridge which are deemed to be up for grabs, such as hummus and feta. We also swap ideas from new cook books. Though new recipes require a lot energy this latest book from Diana Henry 'Simple' is described as effortless food, big flavours and it is fantastic, full of inspiration for quick, easy meals …...and available from our local book shop Forum Books.... and it conforms to my requirement for each recipe to fit on one page. Smoky Couscous: Smoked paprika, red peppers, smoked almonds, green olives, lemon, garlic and olive oil You'll see that we're a healthy lot here but there's always a cake on Fridays (we take turns), just looking at Diana's raspberry yogurt Cake, it might have to be next.
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