Why we love Gabor

We love Gabor shoes at Jessie Juniper, we believe in them, that's the best start!
In the past few years, Gabor have gone from strength to strength.




1/2 Styles


Value for money


Lots of choice

& so many more reasons to buy Gabor.

Their merit is 'they are great for feet! ' Many customers try shoes on in the shop and leave with them on their feet- the joy of super comfort straight away!

We love the wide range of colourful trainers with zips for those who love them, laces for those who don't.

The walking sandals are a joy, with three straps, easy to alter for fit and a trainer sole for extra support and comfort.

And for an occasion- the perfect wedge espadrille sandal! A joy to stand in for a longer period of time ,on any surface.

Comfort, style, quality and quirky, why wouldn't we buy Gabor?

Shop the full Gabor collection here.

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