Which Trousers?

Which Trousers?

Gone are the days of one style for all when it comes to trousers. Now, it's all about finding shapes and styles that suit both you body type and style. As Summer approaches it is the perfect time to try a new style of trousers. Here are some shapes we reccomend trying...

Bubble Trousers - Comfortable and fun this shape is easy to dress up or down. Flattering on both curvy and straight body shapes especially if you have broad shoulders or want to add some shape.

Wide Trousers - Often cropped, wide trousers are perfect for the summer. Length matters as they can be shortening if they cut you off at the wrong point, however get the right length and they are fantastically flattering. A good alternative to a skirt.

Peg Trousers - Loose fitting at the top and tapered at the bottom this style is a modern alternative to a skinny trouser. The looser top half adds shape while allowing you to be comfortable. Perfect if you have a narrower top half or want to add shape to your wardrobe.

Straight Trousers - Easy and versatile, straight trousers are a classic. Easily dressed up or down a plain pair is a must for every wardrobe. For a modern look try ankle grazer length and a bit of texture to the fabric.

Slim Trousers - Fantastic all rounders, slim trousers are generally cropped now to ankle length or shorter. Great if you like wearing floaty tops or tunics to add a bit of shape. Great for walking, golfing and holiday-ing. We reccomend a textured fabric like linen or a seersucker.

Have a browse of the different styles below or shop all of our trousers here

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