Its Time for Wellies - and there is a 20% Off !

Its Time for Wellies - and there is a 20% Off !

So we woke this morning to snow! Actually, not exactly snow here, but reports of the lovely white stuff all over Northumberland. Sadly, we have only rain here in Corbridge, not at all picturesque but slightly easier to manage!

Hence wellies, and not just any old wellies. When I visited Denmark a few years ago just about every woman of every age was wearing these boots. And now we have them in Corbridge!

They are made of natural rubber - proper rubber boots, not plastic. They are lined in cosy fleece so are warm as well as waterproof, the front laced up vent being all enclosed and easy to get on over trousers. Substantial non slip soles make them practically perfect in every way.

And of course, very importantly, they are so stylish and for a short time we are offering 20% off!

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