To sleeve or not to sleeve...

To sleeve or not to sleeve...

I read an article in a weekend supplement which absolutely banned the word Tanktop! That is, the glorious extra layer, neither a jumper nor a top, with buttons but definitely not a cardigan and never a sweater. So, apparently, using the description Tanktop is no longer acceptable, we now call them sleeveless sweaters! what a mouthful! We shall continue to be terribly old fashioned and call them Tank tops!

We have such a range at Jessie Juniper. being in Northumberland, they provide style and substance all year around. My current favourite is the Indi & Cold black, knitted cotton. So versatile with a white shirt beneath, it takes me everywhere. 

Bibico longer Tank with pockets has flown out this season, soft and stylish in blue and green. One Life Tank top with buttons, a waistcoat to many, is light for the summer. Wear on it’s own or with a T-shirt or dress beneath. 

Komodo tank tops are quite retro, lime stripes or green on white, whilst Ichi tank top is a gorgeous crocheted white, the perfect summer garment.  

Love them all, get layering!

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