The rise of the sneaker (or trainer)

The rise of the sneaker (or trainer)

The rise of the sneaker.. all the way to the red carpet........

Here at Katie Kerr we have always had a great selection of trainers, smart, canvas, leather or knitted.

There is now no need for a formal shoe as demonstrated by the stars at such recent events as the Met Gala, The Oscars and the Royal Wedding.

Urban fashion is having a moment with sneakers at all price levels and it is now socially acceptable to blur the lines between aesthetic and performance. It is now perfectly fine to walk into the boardroom or to the pub in sneakers or to wear a floral dress with a pair of plimsolls. Casual sports shoes are a great option worn with a tailored suit. Some have a chunky silhouette and others more sleek and slimline, some more retro.

All makes have an example from designer labels to more cult urban street wear. Seeking inspiration? Have a look at our selection on the website.

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