Our Updated Web Site

We are so excited to relaunch Katie Kerr website this week making a list of changes to improve your experience by making it easier, more attractive and comfortable to shop or just browse through new arrivals and styles. One of the main new improved features is larger and clearer product pictures. We're trying to make it easier to navigate on your tablet or phone in your spare time and visualise top or dress that has caught your eye in real life - capturing all of the details, textures and prints. Easy scrolling through one long clearly presented product list with no need to flick through separate pages or wait until all of the pictures upload was something we thought would really improve your shoppign experience. The site menu has changed as well! Bigger buttons and clearer brand or category listing – a sharper and neater look. Increased speed and security, a more visible shopping cart location and easier checkout process with many other little nice touches will make a real difference. Please come and experience it for yourself: www.jessiejuniper.co.uk And please drop us a line if you feel something could be done better - we want to keep improving it for You.
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