New Arrival : Blundstone

New Arrival : Blundstone

We are really excited to be introducing this brand to our selection here at Katie Kerr. Our unique range of brands is growing all the time and this is a really interesting addition. A classic and well established name based in Tasmania, Australia, they have been making footwear since the late 1800's. This firm has a reputation for durable, comfortable, hard-working, hard-wearing, tough well-made boots but has developed into a style leader as well.

You can call them Blunnies but we think you won't. They are simply a must for Autumn. They are from the legendary Australian manufacturer, originally created for work but now for their distinctive style too. Their elastic-sided boots have become a staple for millions around the globe.

They are also committed to manufacturing with as little impact on the environment as possible. Using recyclable materials and renewables and as little packaging as possible - their efforts towards sustainability are commendable.

We adore their original style, and also love the fact that these shoes can withstand our Northumberland weather in all it's conditions.

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