Ilse Jacobsen at Katie Kerr

Ilse Jacobsen at Katie Kerr

Ilse Jacobson is a Danish brand and a Danish woman. Her designs are so incredibly clever, who could have thought we could look so stylish in a waterproof and wellies?! The coats are a great length, perfect for covering the tops of your legs and giving you a flattering silhouette whilst being practical and functional.
I have a classic raincoat myself and it kept me dry all through last years devastating floods. The seams are taped, the zip is rubber seamed. They are lined in a beautiful soft fleece, so they're cosy too.

The wellies are eponymous with Danish style, everyone in Copenhagen wears them all year around! The laces mean they fit any leg and they are made of natural rubber, rather than plastic. And despite the fact they have lace up fronts, they are completely sealed inside, so you will still remain dry, like with classic Wellingtons. Also, the rubber boots are hand made, giving them extra attention to detail and a special touch.

This year, we have delved deeper into Ilse Jacobsen's beautiful Danish world. Think tailored coats, suede boots and printed dresses. Not to mention some very clean and classic pieces too. We are so impressed and delighted by the quality, beauty and overall designs of this brand! Everything is so contemporary, yet feminine at the same time.

So a little bit of Denmark in rainy Corbridge this morning, I think we should celebrate with a Danish pastry too!

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