Harris Hawk Meets Harris Tweed

Harris Hawk Meets Harris Tweed

It seems ridiculous to be buying clothes for next winter when we haven't yet waved goodbye to this one but that is how the weird and wonderful world of fashion works.

We love our trips to the fashion exhibition at Olympia in London, and this one was no disappointment. Seasonal weather, that is bitterly cold, raining, windy and dull followed us down the country from Newcastle to Kings cross. There we met a new resident of Harry Potter's station, a Harris Hawk being flown only slightly above my head! Somewhat bizarre but hey.

Olympia was buzzing with Fashionistas and trend setters, and that was only us!

We buy some of our established brands such as Sahara, Capri Out of Xile when we are there, but the most exciting part is finding new brands. There was a strong move towards textured fabrics and beautiful jewel colours. Longer skirt lengths and shorter trouser lengths featured strongly and brands such as Sophies and Avoca had some beautiful tweed incorporated into their designs. As well as buying clothing for next year, we buy jewellery and accessories for this spring and found some fabulous pieces, really quirky and wearable but not so expensive you don't want to wear them out!

Being in London couldn't be more of a contrast to our small town up on Hadrian's wall but it is a marvellous city. We travelled around by bus so got to see all the sights and marvel at the amazing installations. The Verdigris Horse head at Marble arch is incredible.

So we are back in our lovely shop and excited about the spring to come. We adored the cat walks and the hilarious over the top characters but we are quite happy to be home, till the next time.

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