Get Wedding Ready

Get Wedding Ready

It is wedding season and we are feeling optimistic that the celebrations will actually happen!
I'm going to a family wedding in August, 3rd reschedule lucky!

At Jessie Juniper, we have never offered the top end of Mother of the Bride' outfits. We prefer to help women choose beautiful outfits that they can enjoy, feel comfortable in and wear again.

There is so much choice, many people are wearing funky trousers dressed up with a jacket and heels. If you prefer a more conventional style, we have such a lovely collection of stunning dresses. Easy to team with a jacket or wear alone if the ceremony is taking place indoors.
Many weddings are being held in alternative venues so watch your footwear! A wedge heel or even a dressy trainer for the ultimate comfort and cool look!

Weddings are a celebration of family, friends and future and I don't believe we have ever been as grateful to have the three of these. We love spending time with customers, encouraging them to try on different styles and have a bit of fun.

Whatever your preference for an outfit, the most important thing is feeling confident and comfortable in whatever you choose, enjoying spending time with your nearest and dearest and celebrating the wonderful event that a wedding is!

Browse our full wedding ready collection online or come and visit us in Corbridge for the full experience.

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