Phoebe in Tanzania

From One Family to Another

You may have met Phoebe in one of our Corbridge shops. She has spent time over the last few years working with the charity Forever Angels Baby Home, in the North of Tanzania. The baby home looks after abandoned and orphaned children and also runs an outreach project. This project supports rural families with formula milk, health education and often the means to start a small business so families can stay together and raise healthy children.

This Christmas we are sponsoring gifts for the local women who look after the children living at Forever Angels. The giftbags include items we often take for granted but will be hugely appreciated in Tanzania. The Katie Kerr family is delighted to be able to share the joys of the festive season with these incredible, hardworking women.

Phoebe is returning to the baby home for Christmas this year and will be deliver our presents to the ‘mamas’ which will be a very special surprise for them.

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