Five Great Winter Pursuits:     No.1  Walks!

Five Great Winter Pursuits: No.1 Walks!

Wrap up warm and enjoy the outdoors! As long as its not pouring down with rain, no other season feels so refreshing and challenging ..... Norwegians say that there is no bad weather, there is only a bad outfit!

I always admired people bravely turning their numb red cheeks to the bracing North Sea wind with a smile on their face!

Walk! Its good for your heart, it will help to shift the pounds, build the stamina, clear your mind, lift the mood... I could continue endlessly, but if for one or the other reason you don't feel like it, here are few good ideas:

Take your dogs with you, they will definitely enjoy sniffing, barking and all ways of socialising with others. Short walk, long walk, snow or rain, as long as they are outside - its perfect. Seeing your little friends happy will make it all worth it.

Take your friends with you. Pack a little lunch with a flask of hot coffee and a map with a great walk. There is nothing better then a hot drink outside and friend's company. Chatting about all the silly things, sharing and making plans :)

Take camera with you (any camera). Life consists of many little memories...beautiful memories... about random afternoons trying to climb that hill against the wind and a soggy sandwich from the bottom of your backpack tasting so great, because you are absolutely starving, or little quiet moments on the shore of the lake, when everything seems to stop and goes so peaceful...
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