NYDJ Katie Kerr Women's Clothing

Fantastic silhouettes

At Katie Kerr we have a amazing selection of jeans that give you fantastic silhouettes. We have all the top brands in women's clothing. We hear constantly about "shaping", most often uncomfortable garments that squeeze you in and create an hourglass figure. whether you are still able to perform normal daily tasks whilst wearing these garments is another matter! When a customer looks for Jeans that fit really well, we show her the NYDJ range. These jeans really do hold you in and give you a fabulous silhouette, but without the squeezing and the need for oxygen! These jeans come in a variety of colours and fabrics, traditional denim with contrast stitching, smart black jeans or luxurious velvet. We spend a lot of time helping customers to get a really good fitting pair, one they look forward to wearing because they are so comfortable. To add to our range of fabulous trousers, we welcome Laurie trousers back. Smart black self patterned trousers for evening or pull on jegging style jeans for casual wear, the Laurie brand are super comfortable and available in slim or straight leg. Great trousers are the essential cornerstone of the modern woman's wardrobe, to look great but, most importantly to feel fantastic!
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