Grizas Dress 91217

Dress for Any Occasion

Summer is full of occasions - weddings, graduations, even visits to the Palace! Whilst it's lovely to get dressed up, it's frustrating to buy an outfit that you may then seldom wear. We love spending time, helping customers to put an outfit together for a special occasion. We run between the shoe shop and main shop so that you can see how a complete outfit looks. It's great when a customer brings in an something to help construct an look - a special piece of jewellery, a hat or even a handbag! We have a wide selection of dresses suitable for a special day. Out of Xile is a British brand selling dresses to match with jackets, giving a complete look. Grizas are from Lithuania, their dresses are beautiful silk and linen. Thought Clothing and Emily and Fin have a beautiful selection of pretty dresses, easy to accessorise and perfect to wear again. You can always rely on Sahara to find a beautiful dress in an unusual fabric with timeless styling. Celebrating the fashion joy that is comfortable shoes, Gabor, Strive and Regarde Le Ciel all make super shoes for a summer occasion. Kitten heel pumps, sparkly sandals and, above all else, comfort! If you are local, do call in when you have some time, let us help you to put a special outfit together without having to rush. If you are a Katie Kerr online customer, please feel free to contact us if you would like any help or advice - 01434 632220 or
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