Boiling hot, beautiful dresses and bouncing babies!

Boiling hot, beautiful dresses and bouncing babies!

A glorious trip to London last weekend to choose a collection for summer 2020! Boiling hot it truly was but we had great fun visiting suppliers all around central London, marvelling at the gorgeous architecture in our capital city and enjoying the culture and diversity.

Putting together a collection for a year ahead is a daunting prospect, especially in the Northern climate. Last summer we had weeks of hot, sunny weather, perfect for linens and sundresses. This year the weather has been more than changeable, 4 seasons in a day to say the least. Playing it safe just isn't an option at Katie Kerr, we love to offer every choice to our customers. We found a beautiful new brand, lovely organic cotton, soft and luxurious, along side two of our newest collections from Alembika and Ciara Cocol.

Ann and I aren't keen on the underground so we use buses to travel about in London. It's great, you get such a good view and it's so much easier to know where you are! We did have a little adventure however via Tube and train to visit a colleague who has just had a beautiful bouncing baby. Feeling really rather intrepid at this point!

We love attending the Pure exhibition at Olympia. This is where we find a lot of the brands we buy for the shop as well as meeting up with other independent shop owners and comparing stories. Ethical fashion is being talked about far more, and what a good thing too. It's an area we are very interested in, both Fair trade and ethical environmental areas. We are having conversations with our suppliers about the packaging of garments for delivery and many are listening.

After 5 days of fun and excitement, we were ready for home and, after memories of the dreadful delays in getting back up North fade, we reflect on how lucky we are to live in such a lovely place as this, doing the very enjoyable job we do!

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