All New Brand: Privatsachen

All New Brand: Privatsachen

Exciting news this week as we have a new brand in! Privatsachen create sophisticated, wearable and inimitably dyed clothing with real quality and essential functionality. Clothes that you can wear for any occasion. Inspired by the spirit of its manufacturers and wearers for over 35 years. Modern and timeless at the same time.

Shop the collection by Privatsachen here

On top of that if you love linen the Cut Loose collection is made for you. Simple linen pieces that are effortless, timeless and so very easy. Perfect for layering on a cooler day or enjoying the sun in.

We also have our full ICHI collection as well as Lily & Me available online. Stunning prints and basics to complete your wardrobe.

Shop the new Spring 2021 collection here.

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