A Dozen Years Old

A Dozen Years Old

Happy birthday to us!

A dozen….


A Bakers dozen, minus one…….

However, you think of it, it’s 12 years since Katie Kerr began its’ life in Corbridge! I like the idea of a dozen, so, to celebrate our Dozen years as a shop, we are offering a dozen % off everything for this Saturday. That’s 12%.......off everything in both shops and online too.

Over the past Dozen years, we have seen so many changes. New customers, new brands, new colleagues, new pets….

Katie Kerr’s passion for fashion has never changed though and it goes from strength to strength. We are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of fashion and are changing our collections accordingly, we have changed all packaging to paper or compostable materials and are always looking out for more ethical fashion brands.

We endeavour to give fabulous customer service, in the shops, on the phone and online and that remains our priority.

So… help us to celebrate a dozen years in business through thick and thin with 12% off your purchases on Saturday with our thanks for your support and loyalty.

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